Hey, guys!

I doubt many of you are interested in that, but I am really keen on my materials so I would love to share them with you.

I use mostly Daler Rowney acrylic paints like those, because they are cheap and with great quality for their price. Few of the colours do not cover well enough, but that's nothing few layers of paint can't solve.
image property of The Feather Artist

In addition, I sometimes use chalk powder, glue, foil, silver and gold sheets, different mediums, glitter, inks, markers, pencils, etc. But these are for fancier cards. I hope I can show you alters like these soon!

image property of Jackson's Art

Of course, I also use brushes. I fell in love with Da Vinci's Nova Synthetic brushes, 1570 series. I use mostly the zero's - I have 3x 5/0, 7/0, 3/0 and 1. Those brushes are available  from size 10/0 to 30. That's what I call variety, haha!
I also use brushes from Da Vinci's Junior synthetics too.
And a handful of old brushes I bought few years ago that are of really high quality synthetic hairs.

image property of ArtService Bg
The varnish I mostly use is matte one by Daily Art. The reason I use it is the same as the paints - it's cheap and it is the best for its price. I never had any problems with it and I can use it for other projects, too. (Will post some later!)

I sometimes use sycatives and drying retarders, depending on the idea I have for the altering.

So that's for now for my materials. I plan on explaining each of the things I work with in detail a bit later here in the blog and maybe making some videos. Subscribe for my blog for new cool stuff!