Liliana Vess

So, hey everybody!

I decided to start this blog so I can show the steps of every commissioned altered art I do. Since I am not a fan of long introductions, I suggest we start with the way to altering the planeswalker card of Liliana Vess.

I used basic acrylic paint and my new 5/0 brush, yahooo! (You can read more about my materials here. )

Before I begin: here is a photo of Lady Liliana and how she came to me (all sleeved up) straight from my client.

Here I wanted to try a new technique - the one most altering artist use - the white base. It is not something I like because:
1) the white base makes the colours you put on it after that look dull and
2) I somehow always get the ratio between paint and water wrong and usually screw up the base so it is either too watery and washes itself with every brush stroke or it is so thick it leaves visible strokes.

But since I am considering myself adventurous and always ready for new stuff, I was like "Yeah, okay. Everybody does that, so it must work. Let's try it and hope this time it will be better." Haha, I am so naive...

Long story short, I put on the white base, let it dry and decided it gets on my nerves so I brushed it off and started like I usually do - with watery colours, similar to the ones I will use in the actual paint layers. And since I wanted some really vibrant results in the end it was the best decision.

To be honest, I find some crazy pleasure in scraping of layers of paints that I don't like.

So, after the first layer dried up I jumped straight to adequately putting colours and creating the effects I wanted. I used a pretty poor palette (as I always do, read here) - just 5 colours (white, black, red, purple and ultramarine blue). And some yellow dots, haha. DO we count it as an additional colour to the alter? It is clearly visible in the detail. Later I covered it.

I did that simple alter for two days (yesterday and today) just because I attended Friday Night Magic at Spielraum, Salzburg (if you happen to visit this city go for a game. The guys there are awesomely friendly!) They even photographed me, haha!
Here is the moment to share the fact that I won a booster because I won the first commander game for the night (I was alone against four guys, can you imagine! Kaalia deck all the way!) But the story of the booster is for my post tomorrow, I promise! I cook up a nice surprise!

So, before my FNM attendance Liliana looked like this:

When I started it today I repainted part of the blue and added more red around her hand. I did this for two reasons:
1) I wasn't really happy with few details and
2) usually when I have to do artwork for more than one day (meaning I have bigger pauses between actual moments of painting) I prefer "repeating" some small part I have already done, so I can somehow remember my exact technique. It sounds strange, I know, but this way I guarantee myself that I will work in the same manner I did a day or two, or more, ago.

After that I continued with the other part just like yesterday.
Now I realize I may have put more colours than needed (especially when I look at Liliana before I started working on her). Originally the background on the right is more ash-like and I put maybe a biiiiit more purple. Yet I like the result.

In the end I put some hair-like streaks of black just to balance the composition and I also love details that get in front of the card boxes. Plus they are a nice detail, I think.

And I present you: Liliana Vess in her finished altered version.

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